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What We Do

Interpreter & Translation Services

The American Hispanic & Latino population continues to grow at a rapid pace. The most common non-English language spoken in homes in Boston and surrounding areas is Spanish.

In order to meet government requirements and to expand businesses by serving or hiring this growing population base, it is important for employers, schools, hospitals, and other businesses to meet the challenges presented by the language barrier and different cultural backgrounds that exist.

ñ spanish language services is a multi-cultural Spanish language interpreter and translation service provider for Spanish to English and English to Spanish pairs. We are uniquely positioned to help companies address communication, education and healthcare needs within the Hispanic communities they serve.

ñ linguists are multi-cultural native Spanish speakers from around the globe, with a unique understanding of cultural and colloquialisms that exist for Caribbean, Latin American, Central American and Castilian Spanish-speakers.

Who We Are

Inés Fusco

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